Angry Birds Seasons

Latest version of the classic mobile app game for Windows


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  • Program license Trial version
  • Version for Windows 3.3.0
  • Size 78.46 MB
  • Works under: Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Rovio

Angry Birds Seasons is the accurately named seasonal version of the highly popular Angry Birds franchise, brainchild of games developer Rovio.

In the original version of the game, the premise is simple: villainous green pigs have stolen eggs and the birds are angry about it! The player 'helps' the birds to retrieve their eggs by tracking down the pigs through all the levels, by flinging the birds at the pigs, or at the sometimes elaborate structures in which the pigs hide.

Angry Birds Seasons takes the premise of the original game and gives it a seasonal twist. For example, the birds and pigs have battled through several Christmastimes, Easter, Summer Holidays, Halloween and even more minor holidays like Valentine's Day. In each new update, the pigs, and occasionally the birds, are dressed according to the chosen season and the setting of each level reflects the same: snow, Christmas trees and gifts for Christmas; hearts, chocolates and flowers for Valentine's Day. Each bird has a different strength (Chuck, the yellow bird, is especially powerful against wooden barriers, the little blue can decimate glass/ ice as well as being able to divide into three slightly smaller birds with the tap of a finger or click of the mouse, and so on.).

The beauty of using and playing Angry Birds Seasons is that the player is guaranteed several upgrades per year, each bringing with it an entirely new season, complete with many levels for the player to work through. Players should keep their eyes open for special golden tokens which can be collected by flinging a bird into them (the tokens change with each season, appearing as golden pineapples in one game and as golden eggs in another). Each golden token collected unlocks access to a secret, special level that can be played as they are earned, or saved up until the end of the game as a self-congratulatory completion bonus!

Of all the Angry Birds games, it can be arguably said that Seasons is the most fun. This is because of the excellent attention to detail that has gone into creating each new season, and the frequent updates which keep interest and entertainment levels high and fresh. The backgrounds are diverse and colourful and the occasional addition of a new bird, complete with new powers to explore and experiment with give each season a brand-new excitement.


  • One of the well-known and very popular Angry Birds franchise, known and easy to use as well as quick to download
  • Use on PC or laptop with a mouse, or on Windows phone or tablet via the device's touchscreen
  • Frequent upgrades and updates to introduce players to new exciting levels


  • Device memory can be an issue on some forms of the game, all the new levels take up a fair amount of space
  • In game purchases can be frustrating for those stuck on a level and unwilling to spend money on the game
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